Texas twang meets Scottish burr in this uplifting contemporary romance set in the Celtic music world of Scotland.


About the Author

Mary Karlik combines her Texas roots with her Scottish heritage to write happily-ever-after from Texas to Scotland.

Honoring her Scottish roots, Mary is writing her new series under her mother’s maiden name, Wilson. This Sweet Contemporary Romance series is set in the Celtic Music world of Scotland.

You can find her Texas roots in her indie published, Contemporary Young Adult romance Hickville series. She brings her two worlds closer together than ever in her latest novel—Hickville Crossroads—when a young, up-and-coming Scottish teen heartthrob goes undercover in a Texas high school to research his latest role.

About A Celtic Love Song

When a talented fiddler with a deep distrust of musicians falls for an ambitious Celtic band front man, his betrayal isn’t unexpected, but his devotion to the culture, language, and history of Scotland is, as is her own sense of longing to belong to the country and its traditions, and now she must learn forgiveness to embrace the world she wants and the man she loves.



“Charming characters, an immersive setting, a romance you'll root for from the first scene and the delightful quips about Texas that open each chapter made for a breezy, fun YA.”

—L.A. Mitchell on Welcome to Hickville High

“I could see it being a series of made-for-TV movies, maybe on a network like the Hallmark channel.”

—Mousaibooks review on Three Simple Rules

Hickville Confessions sunk its claws into me, making me want more of the series as a whole.”

—Wicked Reads on Hickville Confessions

It's a fast paced story with plenty of action and loads of characters to drag you into their world.
Amazing storytelling!

—DMA, Amazon Review on Magic Heist


" ... Park your preconceived notions and forgone conclusions and read this for the excitement and raw adventure! A half breed fairy, a few miscellaneous ghostie/spirits and a handful of cops fighting a crime and criminals... It's just really good!

—Suzee Geem, Amazon Review on Magic Harvest

“This novella is a cute little YA read with likable characters and a fun setting that seemed to be spot on in the competitive horse world.”

—Carrie’s Book Reviews on Not Crushing on the Cowboy

Cèol agus Craic

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Dè th’ ann a cèilidh?

Dè th’ ann a cèilidh? (What’s a Celidh?) Danny Bhoy explains it so well, I’ll let him do the job. (Warning: There is an f*bomb or two) Now here’s what a real celeidh looks like: It’s an old video but it shows the formal way to do the Dashing White Sergeant.…

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