A Celtic Love Song


Twenty-seven-year-old American middle school music teacher, Rosehip Ross is a talented fiddle player. Abandoned at the age of ten by a single mother who put her quest for fame in front of Rose’s need for food, nurturing, and love, Rose has a firm belief that musicians who pursue fame will neglect everything else to chase their goal. Having grown up in the Country Music World, Rose has a deep distrust of musicians and a firm conviction to never fall in love with one. But when Rose learns the father she never knew is a musician living in Scotland, she and her best friend set off to find him. On her quest, Rose meets Ewen MacDonald—a fiddle player in an up-and-coming Celtic band, who agrees to help her.

Ewen MacDonald, born in the highlands, is fiercely proud of his Gaelic culture and music. He believes winning a competition in one of the most prestigious music festivals in Scotland would give the band the exposure they need to be successful and he won’t let anything get in his way—especially romance. But he doesn’t count on falling in love with Rose Ross. But their blossoming romance disintegrates when the band's manager secretly uses a recording of Rose to gain entry into the competition. Now Ewen has to convince her he is not like the musicians of her childhood, his love for her is real, and whether on stage or off, they make beautiful music together.