Three Simple Rules

Three Simple RulesPublished by: GPK Publications, LLC
Release Date: May 3, 2020
Pages: 262
ISBN13: 978-0996155694


No dating. No drama. No problem. Right?

Fraser Anderson is one of the hottest teenage actors in the UK, but he's virtually unknown in the US. Now he's landed the leading role in a big-budget Hollywood film that could make him an international star.

So how do you prepare a Scot for a role as a Texas high school student? Call him Ethan Smith and embed him in a Texas high school for two weeks. The only catch is he has to follow THREE SIMPLE RULES. 

NO DATING. No Drama. NO Disclosing his true identity.

Jenna Wiley is smart, funny, and laser focused on earning a scholarship for a biomedical engineering degree. Her senior year is dedicated to this mission. No matter what. But she doesn't expect to meet shy, goofy, new kid, Ethan Smith. And as their friendship blossoms, her no dating rule begins to wither.

It all comes to a boil when Fraser's biggest secret hits the tabloids and his alter-ego is revealed. The paparazzi swarm Hillside with Jenna in their sights.

Can Fraser convince Jenna that shy, goofy Ethan Smith is closer to real than the image the tabloids have created?

And can she ever forgive him for breaking the most important rule of all? Because for Jenna, when it comes to love and science, the truth is all that matters.

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"Fun and heartwarming, with relatable characters... you won't want to miss this next installment in the Hickville High series! I loved Jenna's realistic family and her girl-power decision to stay away from boys... naturally, her plans are thwarted by a hot new boy who's not what he seems. The page-turning plot has all the feels and all the angst of the best teen romance. Five stars!
—Lee Tobin McClain, USA Today Best Selling Author

“If you’re looking for something lighthearted yet with an appropriate dose of angst, this will fit the bill.”
—The Wandering Wordsmith Review

I could see it being a series of made-for-TV movies, maybe on a network like the Hallmark channel.
—Mousaibooks review

Super adorable, teen-starring romance read. A perfect, stay-inside-and-cozy-with-a-book read!
—Miranda Siwak